When should you buy a riding lawn mower?

A new lawn mower can be found at your local landscaping or home improvement store in early spring just before the grass begins to grow. That said, is it the best time to buy a lawnmower at this point? The answer is no.

Choose a time?

Be prepared to pay more for lawn mowers in the spring like you would for any other seasonal item that is in high demand. Buying a lawn mower when you don’t need it is the best time to avoid sticker shock because retailers are eager to get rid of their inventory at a steep discount.
However, all is not lost if you require a lawn mower right away. For the best deals on a lawn mower, we’ll go season by season.

Shop for a Lawn Mower in Early Fall for the Best Prices

To get the best deal on a lawn mower, buy it in the fall, when grass growth is slowed down by the cooler temperatures. Spending money on something you won’t use for several months may seem counterintuitive, but your wallet will appreciate it. Spring and summer yard work supplies are on sale, and that means you can save money on things like fertilizer and grass seed by negotiating a lower price with the retailer.
It’s possible that you’ll end up with a lawn mower that no one else is interested in. In the future, it may be more difficult to repair or replace parts for older mowers, which are being phased out. It could also mean that all of the lower-priced models have been sold out, leaving only the most expensive ones available. Even though these high-end mowers are on sale, you should keep in mind that they may be more expensive than you initially intended to spend on a mower.

Shop for a Lawn Mower in Early Spring for the Best Variety

Late March is when spring officially begins, which is also the time of year when the temperatures are (typically) still low enough that your grass has not yet begun to grow. However, this is the time of year when hardware stores will have the largest selection of lawn mowers in stock. You will have your pick of the lot, which will include the most recent models; however, it is possible that you will not be able to get a discount on any of the items.
If you absolutely need a lawn mower before the growing season starts, now would be a good time to sign up for any store coupons or store credit cards that offer a discount on purchases, and you could use those instead of purchasing a lawn mower.

Shop for a Lawn Mower During Summer Sales

There are a number of great deals to be had in the late spring and early summer on everything from lawn furniture to lawnmowers. Look for sales around Memorial Day (late May), Father’s Day (mid-June), July 4th, and September 1st for mowers to get the best deals. They may not be the cheapest, but Memorial Day sales have the largest selection.
However, keep in mind that prices for lawn mowers will not drop to rock-bottom levels during the summer, so wait until the fall to purchase one.

Should You Shop in Winter for a Lawn Mower?

After everything that has been said about purchasing a lawn mower during the off-season, purchasing one during the winter might be a bit of a stretch. Not only is it likely that snow has completely covered your lawn, but even if you wanted to get a head start on purchasing yard equipment for the coming season, there may not be any available in stores.
Because this is the time of year when stores are placing orders and waiting for inventory to come in, it is possible that you will not even be able to purchase a lawn mower. And even if the shop agrees to special order one for you, there is a good chance that you will still be required to pay the retail price. You might as well wait until the new ones hit the shelves in the store sometime around the beginning of spring.


What to Consider if You Buy a Lawn Mower in the Off-Season

Be sure to put your brand-new lawn mower through its paces before putting it away in the shed for the off-season so that you’ll be ready to go when the next growing season rolls around. In the event that you are unable to test the mower on a patch of grass, the absolute minimum you should do is ensure that it can be started. You should make it a point to buy a warranty so that in the event that your lawn mower develops a problem in the spring, you can return it to the retailer or the manufacturer to have it fixed or replaced.
It is not always possible or practical to make it through the growing season until the “Everything must go!” sign appears at the hardware store. In some cases, however, it is the only option. The good news is that there are other times of the year when you can still find sales on lawn mowers.

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