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Posted In Videos on June 23, 2010

Have you ever played those word association games? You know the ones where you think of a certain something and then think of the words that encompass that certain something.  Here’s our go at that game when we think about our next few days of video we have dropping here on
Janis Joplin, snow, X0, switchbacks, Kirt Voreis absolutely ripping down Mt. Ashland, foot-plants, Kirt Voreis doing a 1080, welcome to the X-Dome, the German word for fast, slow-mo happy faces and squirrels.
Let’s call this video embedded below here the intro to our week. It’s before we got our new 2X10 XO stuff all dirty. The following few days posts will bring the goods. Make some room.

SRAM X0 2X10 Ride Camp : Day One from Dirt Tales on Vimeo.

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