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The response to the launch of the X7 2X10 product family at the Taipei Show in march 2010 has been incredibly positive
all over the world. Web editors and consumers are praising it as the next step in the 2X10 revolution. Here are their best

“I mentioned a few weeks back when SRAM launched its 2X10 site that we’d be seeing a few more 2X10 drivetrains. However I definitely
didn’t expect it to be X7, and seeing it, I can’t believe how sweet a drivetrain it actually is.”
Caleb Smith – Spoke Magazine
“By launching a 2×10 group at the lower end of the market, SRAM reveal more about their commitment to the design than they ever
could with a top-tier group like XX. They say the new group is lighter and has better shifting performance than anything previously
offered at this level.”
“…in the ultimate trickledown of technology, SRAM bring top-level features to a price just about every rider can afford.”
Matt Pacocha –

“Basically, you can think of X.7 as XX executed in less expensive materials with a few less features.”
Matt Phillips –
“X.7 has been considered midrange since it began a few years ago, and this steps it up to the next level. Perfect for the average Joe
and the budget racer. We can only speculate for now on what amazing things will come to the X.9 and X.0 groups for 2011.Some of
my favorite pieces of the new kit is the gorgeous crankset and the carbon cage on the rear derailleur. That is incredible for this level
of components.”
“The X7 rear derailleur carries a few new technologies, as well as a carbon cage. SRAM’s exact actuation shifting technology
should make the experience feel identical to the XX standard.”
Mark Sutton –

“Good news from SRAM, the new X.7 looks like it has all the features of the XX at a bargain price.”
“Nice splash of carbon on an SLX-level rear mech…”
“If you don’t believe 2X10 is about change the world of MTB drivetrian, SRAM X7 will blow away all your doubts.”
“SRAM didn’t wait long to fire the next salvo in their ongoing war to bring about the death of the triple chainring.”
“There you have it, 10 speeds out back and a carbon caged rear derailleur at what will hopefully be still X7 pricing.”
Mike Levy –

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