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Posted In Athletes,Julien Absalon on February 3, 2010

Julien Absalon:
Current World Cup Champion

When you rode XX for the first time, what were your first impressions?
I loved straight away how smooth and quick the shifting was. You can change gear effortlessly, extremely quickly and so silently. I also loved from the start the shifters’ ergonomics.

After having XX on your bike for both training and racing, what advantages do you feel the XX 2×10 gearing offers you?
The advantages are as follow:

  • The speed of shifting
  • The possibility to use every single cog with both front chainrings
  • Less front shifts needed
  • Possibility of shifting under load
  • No energy loss
  • Super lightweight

Before XX, how much experience did you have riding 2×9?
Before riding on XX and depending on the course, I have been using since 2007 a 2 X 9 system.

What chainrings did you typically use – 26/39 or 28/42? How did you decide to use these gears?
In most cases I use a 28/42 combination, expect at the Worlds in Australia where I decided to use a 39T single chainring.

If you had to choose one single favorite aspect of XX, what would it be?

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