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    My XX stuff has been treating me right and it's been big ring all the time.

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Posted In Athletes,Sam Schultz on February 18, 2010

Desert living has been treating me right.  I have been down in Tucson for a little over a month now and it’s been great.  Sunshine, open roads, and cactus lined trails.  What more could I ask for?  My XX stuff has been treating me right and it’s been big ring all the time.  The trails here are actually pretty technical so it has been a good brush up on my technical skills.  Mistakes are heavily punished since every plant around here is covered in nasty thorns.  I don’t think I have finished a single mountain bike ride without bleeding.  Maybe it will make me tougher.  When I haven’t been riding I have been hanging out at The Cycling House ( helping my good friend, and TCH owner Owen Gue with his all inclusive cycling bed and breakfast business.  It has worked out perfectly since through the gig I get to live in a multi-million dollar home, albeit in a giant walk in closet known as the ‘man cave’.  It may not sound too glamorous but the closet is the size of most normal bedrooms and it is dark and quiet.  Perfect for logging in big hours of sleep.  On top of the house setup there is the staff, which consists of my brother and a couple of my really good friends.  The clients that come down here are escaping their normal 9 to 5 routine as well as their cold climates so they give off plenty of positive energy and are always super psyched on hanging out in the desert riding bikes.  My brother Andy and I generally handle cooking the dinners, which can be quite a task considering that during camps we sometimes have upwards of 20 people.  Luckily both Andy and I enjoy cooking and hungry cyclists aren’t too hard to please.  Well that’s about all I’ve got.  Happy trails!