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    “Having a 2x10 gearing allows me to stay in the big ring more and reduces the amount of front shifting I have to do during a race. It is also good for the moral since it's always nice to have it in the big ring.”

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Posted In Todd Wells on February 7, 2010

I started my training for the 2010 season a few weeks ago in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This is a big change for me from years past. I always take some time off after cyclocross nationals and spend some time on the beach south of the border in small town called San Pancho, Mexico. This year I had the same program but instead of easing back into my training under the Mexican sun, my wife Meg and my dog Winston and I raced back to Durango a few weeks early to catch a flight to South Africa for the Specialized Team training camp.

Last year was the first time I had been to S.A. and it was great because I got to see Pietermaritzburg and hang out at my friend and teammate, Burry Standers house outside of Durban. This trip I got to go to Stellenbosch, which is a wine region just to the east of Cape Town. Specialized might be headquarted in California but the Global Mountain Bike team has been stationed in South Africa and more precisely Stellenbosch for most of the off season.

Christoph Sauser(Susi) and Lene Byberg have been training in this area for years. Our team Manager Bobby, mechanic Dylan and other team tri-athletes Conrad and Dan live or train their part of the year as well. The area is very dry and is kind of a cross between Napa Valley and Arizona. The mountains are jagged, the hills are brown and there are wineries everywhere. The sea is only 20 K away and there is some great riding in the hills and on the coast. The town has a large sports college and everyday you are bumping into Olympic track and field athletes from all over the world enjoying the summer training weather and taking advantage of the school’s facilities.

The town itself if very small and has a quaint European village feel with tons of out door cafés and restaurants. If you’re ever in town stop by the Green Door for lunch. It’s an all-organic spot that changes its menu daily. It is the meeting spot for all the top athletes in town. For dinner on the cheap check out our team manger’s favorite hang out spot “Basic”. The people watching is great and you can’t go wrong with any of the wine.
We did quite a bit of filming and photos the first few days but then the next week was just devoted to training. I got some good miles in and it was nice to have the long days of summer in the middle of the northern hemisphere winter. The temperatures were warm with most days around ninety degrees but one day did make it up above one hundred and I just about melted. It was great to get together with the team in a laid back atmosphere before the World Cups start.

From South Africa I flew back to Denver and got stuck between there and Durango for three days due to a big snow storm. When I finally did get home I was hoping to do some training there for a few weeks but the weather wasn’t cooperating. As soon as I shoveled my roof I jumped in the truck and headed down to my normal winter training base in Tucson, AZ. I’ll be here until mid-April when I start traveling in earnest for the new season.

I will be getting my new bikes this week and I can’t wait. We have the best equipment and sponsors on the planet, every year the stuff gets better. I will be logging in my biggest training weeks of the year in the next month or so and I know I can count on my equipment to hold up even if some days I don’t.
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Posted In Athletes,Todd Wells on February 1, 2010

Todd Wells:
Specialized Factory Team

When you rode XX for the first time, what were your first impressions?
While first off I was impressed with how light it was. I like having the extra gear in the rear and thought it looked good and worked pretty well.

After having XX on your bike for both training and racing, what advantages do you feel the XX 2×10 gearing offers you?
Having a 2×10 gearing allows me to stay in the big ring more and reduces the amount of front shifting I have to do during a race. It is also good for the moral since it’s always nice to have it in the big ring.

Before XX, how much experience did you have riding 2×9?
I had ridden a true 2×9 about 6 years ago but since then I have been running standard gearing with the granny gear off  but I feel like that isn’t a 2×9 specific setup. It works but sometimes you are over geared so this is my first full season in a long time on a 2×9 specific gearing.

If you had to choose one single favorite aspect of XX, what would it be?
Light weight or 2×10 specific setup.