Marantz vs Emotiva

Marantz and Emotiva are high-end audio equipment manufacturers and retailers. Receiver amplifiers speakers speakers home theaters and monitors are all available from these firms’ audio equipment.

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History Of Marantz

In 1953, Marantz was formed in Kew Gardens, New York as a manufacturer and supplier of high-end audio equipment. Despite its origins in New York, the company today has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

At home in Kew Gardens, New York, Saul Marantz created and manufactured the first Marantz audio product.

The company’s success peaked in the mid-to-late 1970s, when it had a considerable impact on the development of high-fidelity audio systems.

While Marantz was owned by Philips, a pioneer in compact disc technology, in the 1980s, the company developed some well-received CD players, but other products in the line were less popular.

It wasn’t until the early ’90s that Marantz began to focus on high-end components. In 2001, Marantz Japan purchased the brand from Philips and currently controls the whole global distribution network.

In 2002, Denon and Marantz formed D&M Holdings Inc., which was renamed D+M Group later.. On March 1, 2017, Sound United LLC completed the acquisition of D+M Holdings.

History Of Emotiva

The Italian word “emotiva” literally translates to “emotion.” In 2003, Dan Laufman, a lifelong audiophile, founded emotiva. The infinity system was one of the first projects he worked on as an audio engineer.

When emotiva began selling audio equipment online in 2003, it was the first of its kind. A preamplifier, the DMC-1, was their first major product in 2005 even though others were skeptical.

Emotiva was able to gain a leg up on the competition at a critical juncture thanks to its superior product design.

Difference Between Marantz And Emotiva Receivers

There are substantial differences between Marantz and emotiva that should be taken into consideration.. The following are some of the differences:

Affordability: We believe emotiva is less expensive than Marantz, which is why we recommend it.

Body Design: As a result of their thin and sleek body design, Marantz audio receivers are more portable than emotive.

Channel: The number of channels offered by Marantz has grown to surpass those offered by Emotiva.

Features of Marantz Receivers

They include elements such as designs and performers that set Marantz receivers apart from the rest.

  1. The numerous pieces are kept in place by robust designs that use a large gauge steel chassis.
  2. Flowing currents of more than 100 watts have a significant power boost.
  3. Receiver for a multi-channel system
  4. A streamlined body shape
  5. An eye-catching light show.
  6. Active surround sound is now supported.

Features Of Emotiva Receivers

There are a few aspects you should be aware of before acquiring an emotiva receiver.

Because emotiva’s name translates to “emotion,” the company’s audio receivers are infused with feelings. An emotiva audio receiver is practically hard to have an issue with because of its well-detailed and labeled mechanism.

  1. As well as the previously mentioned options, Emotiva also supports numerous others.
  2. Auto-sensing power voltage on the back of a 16-port receiver channel or more
  3. The ports for incoming and outgoing data are both properly labeled.

Emotiva XPA 5 Vs Marantz MM7055

In other words, for your home theater system, you’re seeking for a powerful and long-lasting audio amp. The Emotiva XPA 5 and the Marantz MM7055 are two 5-channel audio amplifiers.

Five-channel audio amplifiers are popular because of their excellent performance and sound quality; these two products are no exception. Famous audio equipment makers made both of these.

We’ll evaluate the two products below to find which one offers the most value for your money.


Emotiva-4.4 out of 5.0 stars

A rating of 3.9 stars from a possible 5.0 for Marantz


For being five-channel audio amplifiers, they are significantly diverse in design.

In all cases, the design is very stunning. Even though the Emotiva XPA 5 has a boxy appearance, the blue lights add a nice touch.

The Marantz MM7055 sports a brushed finish and a blue light on the front panel that makes it look better. On both variants, the connection ports are found on the back of the device.


The Marantz HDAM circuit, a current feedback power amplifier, powers the Marantz MM7055.

The Marantz MM7055 provides classic high output power for rich music and movie sounds, with a chassis designed to reduce vibration and frequency interference. At 8 ohms, the Marantz MM7055 can deliver 140 watts when all channels are connected in parallel.

The Emotiva XPA 5 has significantly greater power than the XPA 4. This amplifier is capable of delivering 250 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms thanks to its Class A/B output stage, dual differential inputs, and efficient Class H power supply design.

As an effect, the Emotiva XPA 5 can easily fill a big room with sound.

Marantz VS Emotiva PreAmp

Marantz PreAmps have a better reputation for processing speed than Emotiva PreAmps.

Because of their long history of creating high-quality goods, the vast majority of consumers will go with their first choice. Buying a Marantz can feel like splurging.

In comparison to Marantz Pre-Amps, Emotiva Pre-Amps react more slowly to control inputs. Once a Marantz button is pressed, the corresponding result is displayed on the actual device almost instantaneously.

Marantz vs Denon

Here’s yet another well-liked side-by-side in this compilation. There is a distinct difference between Denon and Marantz receivers when it comes to sound quality. This is also the case for each individual recipient.

To put it simply, Denon’s bass is a lot louder than Marantz’s. In addition, highs are distinct. Denon is well-known for its high level of output. Marantz has a more subtle effect.

Marantz receivers are specifically developed for use in music systems. As opposed to the other brands, Denon’s receivers are designed for use in home theaters, where every effect needs to be amplified for maximum impact.


An excellent comparison of Marantz and Emotiva is presented in this article, which includes information on both companies’ history and the features of their audio receivers. Selecting an item based on its rating, functionality, and aesthetics became lot simpler.